By 2035, California wants to restrict the sale of gas vehicles.

On Thursday, California authorities announced a plan to prohibit the sale of new gas cars by 2035, the state's latest move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to CNBC, the California Air Resources Board's proposal aims for 35% of new car sales in the state to be battery or hydrogen-powered by 2026. The proposal will be voted on by the board in August.


Because the idea only applies to new car models, Californians would still be able to drive gas-powered cars and sell them. Up to 20% of sales by 2035 can be plug-in hybrids that can run on a combination of battery and gas, and all electric vehicles must get at least 150 miles per charge.

The plan is in response to Gov. Gavin Newsom's executive order from September 2020, which calls for the state to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2045 in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

Between 2026 and 2040, state experts estimate the program would lower emissions by nearly 384 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. That's a little less than all of California's emissions in a single year.

"Emissions from motor vehicle engines hurt public health, welfare, the environment 바둑이사이트넷 and the climate in multiple interrelated ways. Reducing emissions of one kind supports reducing emissions of others and contributes to decreasing the severity of their impacts," the report reads. 

The state is currently making progress in terms of electric vehicle sales. Electric vehicles accounted for 12.4% of new car sales in 2021, according to the board. It was 7.8 percent in 2020. .


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